Brienz, Switzerland | by Patryk Sadowski

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Caen, France  (by Edgard.V)

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Song: Allen Stone
Artist: Unaware
Album: Allen Stone
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Allen Stone - Unaware

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I was looking through old posts from over 3 years ago and found this.

Basically my family decided on an airplane home from Las Vegas that we wanted to do a river cruise down the Danube.

Fast forward to summer of last year (2 years later) and lo and behold, we went!

I swear on all that is dear to me that I don’t even remember having this conversation.

What are the odds. I’ve baffled myself

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Song: Latch (feat. Sam Smith)
Artist: Disclosure
Album: Settle
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latch (feat. sam smith) // disclosure

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Song: Time Will Tell
Artist: Blood Orange
Album: Cupid Deluxe
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blood orange - time will tell

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Prague | By Markus Grunau

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