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paging lookforthesilverlining!

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“I have my very clear opinion, but I must calculate and I cannot always say what I think because tomorrow I will be on the frontpages and I do not want that. But if I was in charge, maybe I would not do things like that. Everyone has their opinion and is free to say what they think.” Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With As In TAG Heuer Event [+][+] | September 1 , 2014 

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It was my last day of work at the university library (yay I graduated college lol) and my department has a pizza party when student workers leave.

I shall miss my supervisor the most because she basically said that she wished she had bought me a piñata in the shape of the most hated person in our department.

I love people.

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Time slice

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Sergio had to make 5 attempts to congratulate German madridistas via twitter without mistakes 😂😂😂

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Congratulations to Sami Khedira, World Cup winner! He is one of only 10 players to win a Champions League and World Cup in the same year.

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A very strong,very beautiful,male princess.

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